What is mayoral control

 Mayoral Control is a system of school governance that gives power to the Mayor to run NYC Public Schools. Mayoral Control is a state policy that is instituted by New York State legislators

Governor Hochul and the state legislature have the power to extend or end mayoral control.

Since 2002 New York State has opted to extend mayoral control. 22 Years Is Too Long!

 How Mayoral Control Works: The Mayor appoints a Chancellor AND a majority of the Board of Education members, known as the Panel for Educational Policy. 

This is not a democratically run system.

 Why This Issue Matters: Most school systems in the United States are run by democratically elected school boards. 

Mayoral Control keeps school community stakeholders disempowered.

 We believe democracy should be restored to our schools by giving community stakeholders the power.

 What Does Mayoral Control Look like?

Mayoral control is a top down power structure.

This is not what democracy looks like.

What is the Impact of Mayoral Control? 

WE have the POWER to END Mayoral Control in June 2024.